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    Problems with Radeon 9000 under XFree 4.4

    When I boot my computer using lilo's command "linux" (defaults to runlevel 5) I have to wait about a quarter of an hour before the X starts up (I can see only the gray screen and when I press ctrl+alt+F1 it gets me back to this screen). But when I type "linux 3" at lilo and then as root type "init 5", the gray screen shows only for about a minute (still too long, isn't it?).

    Also I can't use 3d acceleration... When I try to run chromium (or anytning other), it's terribly slow (about 4 FPS). (However glxgears shows me something about 300 FPS...).

    I'm on Mandrake 9.1 with 2.4.21 kernel, Radeon 9000 card an XFree 4.4.


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    try downloading the ati drivers, start at the lowest settings and find somthing that works

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    Well - there are no ati drivers for XFree 4.4 and XFree 4.3 drivers with XF 4.4 doesn't work either. And - I've switched to XFree 4.4 because of the same problem - no 3d acceleration (but at least I didn't have to wait for hours before I could login).


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    Here is something I would check just to make sure, type in "uname -a" at the prompt, and check to make sure the kernel you are booting into is correct. Sometimes if lilo is configured oddly it can boot into an older kernel, this slows things down incredibly. Also, if you havent already I would go through your XF86Config-4 file with a fine tooth comb, if you arent familiar with it already there are samples in the /etc/X11 folder as well as any number on the internet.

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