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    keramic style lost

    i can't believe this! i upgraded to Qt-3.2.3 and it's corresponding devel package and redhat-artwork-0.90* and i lost the keramic style plus other styles for widgets. all i have left are some Qt styles which are so "flat" for my taste. jeeeez.................
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    uhmmm.. correct me if i'm wrong, but i've googled about Qt-3.2.x and when i looked at some of its functions, it definitely has support for transparency/translucency. i've also read somewhere that the Alpha Channel, responsible for such, is disabled by default. i DLed a RPM Qt. does this mean that i have to get the source package and then enable the Alpha channel? or maybe i just lost the styles coz of the newer redhat-artwork package since this is the package that contain the styles, themes, etc.? i seem to be missing a lot of .la and .so files that were supposed to be in the style dirs. what was left was the bluecurve themes .la and .so files, and a file in /usr/local/kde/.... and /usr/lib/kde3/...., respectively, plus some defaul QT styles and themes.

    ahhh.. . i seem to have read it wrong. that function i was talking is only "called" per application that uses it. it's not enabled by default. i'm quite sure now that i just need to find some themes/styles that have transparency set. although i did DL one and still it can't go transparent. *scratches head* that part in kcontrol/appearance/styles has it's translucency still grayed out. ( this also means that when menu-effect is set to transparent, a dialog comes saying it's not supported, in case you were wondering! )

    google, more google!
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    oh well, it was just the styles that i lost, and the ones that supported transparency. deng! can't find an independent keramic-style & related to it (window decor and theme) rpm. anyone knows of one tell me!

    damn, i'm talking to myself here! hahaha.. .
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