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    Switching from KDE to gnome

    I'm still somewhat a newbie, so would any of you guys be able to give me a link to how to install gnome and remove KDE, I'm using Gentoo kernel 2.6.5, if that helps, I just want to try other stuff out. Thanks!

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    Love Gentoo and love GNOME.

    To remove KDE run
    root@insomnia slip # emerge unmerge `qpkg -nc -I kde`
    and to install GNOME simply
    root@insomnia slip # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge gnome
    I put ~x86 keyword because 2.6 is not marked stable in Gentoo's portage yet but it is very stable. Enjoy

    (You can have both if you like)

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    Do I have to go into virtual terminal, or can I run it while I run my GUI, which I don't think I can do.

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    Tried again and it wouldn't remove KDE, must be named something different I guess.

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    As long you have the space, I would advise against removing KDE. I mean by all means, switch to Gnome, but keep KDE too. There are some programs that will run on both so long as you have the libs for both installed. Besides, what if you don't like Gnome? Or can't live without that KDE app? Or just for any reason what so ever need it again?

    Just my two cents that noone asked for

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    Just a little note to clarify the above messages :

    you can use `qpkg - I` to view installed packages...
    and to remove a package you use emerge unmerge [pkgname]...

    the thing is, KDE comprises many packages,
    and you might have to remove many of these manually

    this isn't as hard as it seems, like previously stated,
    try qpkg -I | grep kde
    and you will probably get the most of them.

    to install gnome, you just have do to
    emerge gnome.

    ah well, that's all the help this fnord can supply now


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