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    1 cpu and 3 users simultaneously using X

    I want to implement this. There's no problem in hardware. All I want to know what application that can make 3 user or more login with X using 1 cpu.Main purpose of this is cost-cutting.However, I have no idea how can I implement this.Anyone familiar with what kind of application I must use? Here's the setup:

    1 cpu (has 3 monitor slot,3 keyboard slot,3 mouse slot)
    3 monitors, 3 keyboard, 3 mouse

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    I'm not entirely sure, but I think the solution is to run an X server for each "terminal", using a different xorg.conf file for each. There might be a simplier solution; I don't know.
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    Have you looked at the LTSP (short for Linux Terminal Server Project)? It implements exactly what you're talking about. You should also check the this article on TLDP:
    Keep in mind what the article says about the more CPUs the better! If you can upgrade to a dual core or a dual processor it's best. With a single processor machine you will only be able to do 1 thing at a time. Also, depending what environment you choose you'll need the RAM to support it.

    I've looked into it for myself, but I don't have the infrastructure to implement it seeing as each computer in my house is in a different location and now we've upgraded to laptops as opposed to desktops.
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