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    i want to switch to blackbox but...

    i was wondering if all of the stuff i used under kde would run under blackbox. i have kde running on my laptop, and it's very sluggish when i am connected to my network, the rograms take forever to show up in a window and then are a bit slow themselfs. if i turn off networking (service network stop) and my pcmcia (service pcmcia stop) my windows show up faster. it may just be that i have to many services running, but i turned off all of the ones that i could, and i would just kinda like to try somthing diffrent that runns much faster. if i do switch over will i still have all of the apps in my kde tool bar at my disposle, such as all of my networking tools, and games, and editors and such, or will i haveto make a whole new panel? any help would be helpful, or any advice.

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    yes they will al lrun fine.. if you use kde apps in annother windowmanager they will be allmost as slow.. it is a major drawback of kde in general.. i reccomend useing blackbox or windowmaker with non kde/gnome apps only

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    So what is a Gnome/KDE app? Do you mean anything with a GUI frontend or is it something else?

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    i answered some of my questions

    i figured out oart of blackbox, i got it installed and ran it, but i still have two problems that i cant seem to answer my self. first, i want to put blackbox in the menu that gives me a choice of seesions when i log on, currently i can choose from fail safe, defult, kde, and gnome. i have tried for 2 hours to add black box, i made changes to the x11 xdm config file and i have added a file for blackbox in the gdm sessions folder where the other window managers are listed. i know that these files are used because i modifed the fails safe file to point to blackbox. i belive that these are in the /etc/x11/gdm/seesions/ any ways i cant get blackbox to show up on the menu when i log in.

    my other problem is that i wanted to get the app list in blackbox that shows all of the menus with programs like my text editors and games and network stuff to show me every thing that i had in kde, i was wondering if this is just as easy as coping some files or if i will have to edit some config files to reflect the locations of all of the apps i had used in kde. it's just that i currently have to launch the progs i used to use from an xterm terminal now because they are not on the blackbox app list. i'm sort of a noob to this so i'm having problems finding every thing in linux. if any one could point me to the files i need to edit or read that would be great. this is all just one big learning experience.

    and by kde aps i mean apps built with kde specificly in mind, mainly the games that came with it and a bunch of the linux configuration tools. well i at least think that the config tools i'm thinking of are only in kde because gnome dosnt give me them.

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