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    There must be something with the LCD panel. Could you give me the rest of the lines, so that I could check it out?

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    is it possible to use an older version of x86 to solve the problem or diable the 3 d acceleration?? i am just guessing here.
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    I've seen both the redhat-config tool and X give the same errors as above when X didn't support my video card. Check if your card is supported by your version of XFree86 here:

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    i am having a fatal screen error as well
    im using debian (lastest stable i think 3.0)

    my video card worked with others distros and i could post something but i dont know what you guys need to know

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    Are there any easy Xconfig tools, like Xconfigurator? I don't really need it, it's just I can't stand configuring X, if there are any faster and easier tools I'd prefer to use them instead.

    Anyway, what does "no screens found" mean? I used to get that error message with debian in 90% of the cases, and even after adding screens with xf86cfg. I usually get X working by pure luck!

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    Try reconfiguring the monitor using each option one after the other untill it works--one of them will be correct i think.

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    no mouse found

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    Do the XFree86 -configure and -xf86config again, and tell us all the errors (which you can get from /var/log/XFree86.0.log).
    I tried XFree86 -configure like you mentioned in that post and it said that it wasn't able to detect my mouse. I looked and there is no mouse folder in the /Dev folder where it looked. How do we fix?

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    Try this :
    Answer "no" to "Use frame buffer device interface" while using XF86config utility

    Or edit "/etc/X11/XF86config-4"
    Go to : Section "Device"
    Comment the following line : Option "UseFBDev" "True"

    Hope this help

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