Hi everyone
I've got a small problem with Kooka: in my day to day account it won't come up properly. Two of the three windows don't come up and the Gallery button is missing, which makes it hard to load images. It seems to be ok in my admin account, and when I opened a new account it seems to be ok there too. (I'm trying to learn to use it, so I'm not sure if everything works). Removing and re-installing it didn't help. I thought of a problem with permissions, but when I look in System>Administration>Users and Groups the new and the old accounts are the same, everything allowed except admin.
Is there a tool similar to the Mac's Repair Permissions? If it is to be done in Terminal what files should I look for and where? I've just updated to Feisty on an AMD 64 3700+ machine.
Thanks in advance for any help.