Is there anyway to make fluxbox menu selection to be a little more "time-tolerant" regarding the closure of submenus, in order to allow the user to move from a menu to a submenu through oblique mouse movements? (as in KDE, and probably in gnome too)

The way it is currently, at least to me, is that I have to make very "square" movements from a menu to one of its submenu options. Otherwise, if I follow a oblique movement from the menu to the last submenu option (rather than going first to the first submenu option and than descending to the last), I will by less than a second pass the cursor over another option on the main menu, and the earlier submenu I intended to go closes, and opens the new one, respective to that last menu option I involuntarily selected by a millisecond.

I've looked a little bit for something to fix that in the "init" file, I've tried to change a few "delay" options that I thought could be that (exiting and restarting fluxbox after saving each change), but none had the desired effect. (I've changed these dalays from 0 (default) to 100, which I think that could make a substantial, very noticeable change, and then I could reduce if it was too much).

Would it be something that could be solved though a configuration file such as "init" or is it something more "hard wired" in fluxbox that depends on deeper modifications?