Essentially what I need to accomplish is to create an application for X Windows (Gnome) that will act like a Netzero banner. It will have advertisements on it and ideally when other applications are maximized they will not occupy space under this window.

Essentially this window will be about 100 pixels high and will span the entire width of the screen. Presently, I can accomplish every aspect of this application except for making the window non-overlapping. Please note that this is not the meaning that non-overlapping generally refers to but what the phrase itself describes is what I'm trying to accomplish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If anyone knows an open-source application that accomplishes this I will happily take a peak at it's source code! Worst case scenario I'll look at the gnome source code to see how the gnome panel operates. Essentially, this will have to act like another start menu/gnome panel.

I have no language preference. I started using GTK+ 2 from C and have decided to hold off until I figure this out.