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    Question [SOLVED] start menu hotkey or toolbar button on fluxbox?

    I would like to create at least (preferably both) of the following: a "start menu" button on the fluxbox toolbar or a hotkey to show the main menu that we go through right click on empty desktop space... is there a way to do these things?

    A "minimize all" would be neat too, but apparently we can only create hotkeys to minimize the active window, and adding a button would be far more difficult, I think.

    In the fluxbox wiki there's something about a patch that adds a "start menu" button but it has no link to anywhere and I couldn't find anything more about that yet...


    oops.... I've found an answer to the hotkey to the root menu here:

    Configuring Fluxbox

    Another interesting link is:


    A note to anyone who's editing this stuff by the fist time, hotkeys that call rootmenu won't work unless fluxbox is restarted... the other changes (or many of them) will make effect immediatelly.

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    Answering myself again, just in case someone looks for the same answers and stumbles with the topic:

    To create a "rootmenu" button there's two options: only is possibly to install some add-on that I've found once but never again; the other is to compile fluxbox from the source with a basic alteration on the file, open the file with some text editor, find this part, and add the text that appears in bold here:

    } else if (name == "rootmenu" || name == "nextworkspace" || name == "prevworkspace") {
    FbTk::RefCount<FbTk::Command> cmd(CommandParser::instance().parseLine(name));
    if (*cmd == 0) // we need a command
    return 0;

    // TODO maybe direction of arrows should depend on toolbar layout ?
    FbTk::FbDrawable::TriangleType arrow_type = FbTk::FbDrawable::LEFT;
    if (name == "nextworkspace" || name == "rootmenu")
    arrow_type = FbTk::FbDrawable::RIGHT;
    Source of the tip: HOWTO: get a Fluxbox menu (and customization) - Page 4 - Ubuntu Forums

    And, more obviously, the hotkeys come embbeded with fluxbox, we just need to edit the ~/.fluxbox/keys file in any way we want, there are many possibilities. These ones specifically could be something like

    Mod4 Super_L :rootmenu

    Control d :Showdesktop

    For almost all we need to know about fluxbox:

    Fluxbox-wiki - Fluxbox-wiki

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