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Thread: KDE Problem

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    KDE Problem

    I'm using KDE 3.2 with Mandrake 10.0 Official and recently everytime I launch somekind of KDE app whether it's: k3b,konqueror,ark...
    I get the following warning:
    Could not find mime type:
    I can press "Ok" and programe continues to launch and works fine,
    But I was wondering how can I remove this warning cause it's getting annoying having to press that everytime I launch any KDE app.

    Thank you.

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    OK, so you a loading KDE or Konqueror when you get this message.

    To solve this problem:
    1) open konqueror (dismiss the warnings)
    2) click "Settings" then "Configure Konqueror..."
    3) click on the "File Associations" button/icon
    4) click the "Add..." button
    5) change the Group to application, type "octet-stream" into the Type name
    6) Press OK
    7) change the icon/description to suit your taste. Don't touch the filename
    patterns though.
    press OK

    That should fix it. If it doesn't then you may need to reinstall the package
    that has the MIME type files for KDE.


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    Thank you very much.

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    application type mime octet-stream konqueror settings

    why doesn't it show up in the list after it's created??? this problem has pissed me off for months... i hacked it somehow before, but it screwed up my flash player, and realplayer for some reason won't play any swf files any more.... now, with your great directions it works perfect.

    Thanks a million.
    But I'd love to know why / how it got this way, and WHY is there no sign of it.
    I use linux because it doesn't lie nearly as much as m$
    Thanks again.

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