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    NEED HELP!!! - dialup internet and networking

    hey guys im new 2 linux and ive just installed mandrake v9.0, kde an im havin trouble wif 2 things.

    1st - i kan connect to the internet (modim dials conects etc) but i cant browse or use anything 2 do wif the net, the status shows that it has sent frames n **** out on the net. (using my windows machine 2 post)

    2nd - htf do i network it???i hav set ip address 2 both my machines ( i no these work, but htf do i network it???

    im begining to think that i should stick wif mircosoft, but im just geting sick of microsoft stuff so any help would b greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    with spelling like that no wonder nothing works. Linux is very specific about spelling and capitalization. For the first problem:
    set up your DNS servers. Yes, I know it is supposed to automatically get them from the ISP, but I don't know how that is done offhand. Do some research online after you put a default DNS server into /etc/resolv.conf . I have a local DNS forwarder so I just have:
    in my /etc/resolv.conf. I don't know of any public ones offhand, but I am sure you can find one if you try. In fact, I just looked and it seems like: would work (this is
    for your second problem:
    what do you mean "network it" They are already networked if they are both on the same subnet like they appear to be (with the 192.168.0.x IP addresses). Are they hooked up through a hub or switch? Can you ping the other machine? Is the ethernet adapter working on the linux machine (try `/sbin/ifconfig` to see). Do you mean like "Network Neighborhood" type stuff? If so look at they have plenty of documentation on how to set this up. Though it should already come installed on most distributions.
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