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    This is not normal...

    Hello everybody. I have posted about this problem on couple of forums but found no answer. It happens with every distro I tried. that includes Gentoo and its derivates (Sabayon), Debian (same thing), SUSE, even Puppy linux. I have not tried Mandriva and Fedora but I cannot see why would it make any difference.

    Problem is rather annoying... When I install NVIDIA(restricted) drivers, using any method of installing (manual, restricted drivers manager in Ubuntu, even if it comes with distro (like sabayon)), after 15-30 min of using my computer stops working (the best way of saying it without saying anything rude ). It does not respond to any command I give to him. Desktop is dead. I can only move mouse but I cannot do anything with it (does not respond to click). Ctrl-Alt-F(n) does nothing.

    Now my hardware confiiguration is rather poor one and I would have thought that was the problem but I know a guy with almost same configuration that has everything working just perfect.

    -NVIDIA GF2 mx400 64MB
    -512MB RAM(that guy has 256)

    If anything else is relevant to this problem and I forgot it please say and I will give my best to provide that information.

    And just to add I am terrified that my XP windoze is more stable than linux. I cannot accept that so please help!!!

    Yeah, another thing I almost forgot. I tried KDE GNOME Fluxbox Xorg... Same thing...

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    Might you be using the wrong Nvidia driver? The GF2 MX400 is not supported by their mainstream driver; you have to use the "legacy" driver, as stated here in Nvidia's README.
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    No no no. . . I thought of that already.

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    Do you experience these kind of problems in Windows? It might be a temperature problem
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    No... I do not have problems when using windows.. And that is the thing that anoys me the most...

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    I used to have the same problem but it was caused by the beryl do you use beryl? i don't know if this helps you ( i sure hop it ) but if you use beryl try renaming the settings folder for beryl
    this is the folder:/home/[user name]/.beryl
    for flat files saves
    this folder:/home/[user name]/.gconf/apps/beryl/
    for gconf/xml saves

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