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    is beryl a good idea?

    well all i've heard is how great beryl is and i have to say im more than interested(though i know little to nothing about it other than it's eye candy). but i was just wondering what the absolute minimum requirements for running beryl are. im running a amd athlon 1 ghz with 512mb ram and an 8mb video card.. i have a feeling i dont meet the requirements but if i do let me know, and what kind of things i can do with beryl

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    Lots of users love it, and of course it's all the rage right now, but I didn't care for it at all and wound up removing it from my system even though it was working just the way it was supposed to. Other than the wow-factor, it seemed pretty much useless to me, but that's just my own opinon.

    I think that all users should install it and decide for themselves whether they want it installed, or not.

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    i agree and do want to try it out, but i dont want to waste my time and effort with it if my machine isnt going to run it.. and if it doesnt run everything, will it at least be able to run some of the (from what i understand) many features?

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    i used it and still have it installed, its fancy and has some useful features but its way to much of a hog to use for a real workstation, only good thing i use it for is to impress people when they say how nice lookin vista is

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    Your vga isn't powerful enough for beryl. Using compiz would be an idea but I don't think your vga will handle it.
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    I think 8MB of video RAM is too small for most things outside of simple framebuffer. I doubt you have any form of 3D acceleration with that card.

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    Yeah to be honest, Beryl hasn't got me anywhere new with Linux. It just looks good for an audience. All you really need is Compiz if you're after the 'Cube' but Beryl is just a small 'Wow factor' then it passes. The thing I've currently got my eye on is Compiz Fusion, which is like a super-wow factor (Compiz and Beryl Fused together). I like it because it has a few fancy bits and bobs that make it easier to use rather than JUST the Wow factor it has.

    For your computer, Compiz Fusion is a definate NO.
    As bigtomrodney says, 8Mb of Video RAM is just not enough nowadays.

    For now, just stick to Metacity.
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    i think beryl and compiz were first created to see how far we can actually change everything, so they make everything do cool effects to try it out.. so now that they know what they can do, there coming out with comp fusion wich will have some actuall use

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    Try using multiple Xephyr windows and multiple beryls for a psychedelic trip.

    A cube inside of a cube inside of a cube... a super-dimensional portal to cube-realm.

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    where do you get your shrooms from?

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