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    Question [help]fvwm-crystal can't show characters correctly

    I've installed fvwm-crystal(3.0.5), but i found it can't show chinese characters correctly in the taskbar ,menu and window titlebar. I attampted to change the font in config files,but it doesn't work either.
    I've searched in google, and got different method, some one said the original code of fvwm should be changed.But I don't know how to do with it.
    thanks a lot!

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    fvwm-crystal is one of my favorite desktops, alas, it does not like being customized very well. There really is not much that you can do with it. I read an interview with the guy that wrote it (i think he's german or something) and he said he pretty much just made it for himself. He put everything that he likes about a desktop environment and just put it together without adding any ways of really changing it around at all. But yeah, i guess the only way to add chineese characters would be to change the original code...if you think it's really worth it.

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