hello all , i am new to the bsd world i want to install freebsd 6.0 on this computer , so i can host an game server (i am a linux newbie )
I've got a little problem with the installer , an image says more words ! (sorry for the quality , it was made with my phone)

ok , i had 4 partitions
the first one was NTFS : 20 gb
second one the same but 80

third was ext3 ,55gb , it has the ubuntu 8.04 on it , and the last one , was a linux swap partition.
I deleted the last 2 , in hope that the freebsd installer will detect the unused space , but , still , it shows the same data like the one in the picture.The picture was made AFTER i deleted the 2 partitions , even before it showed the same data.

i should had like 55 gb free space , but in the installer tells me only 3 mb