I am having problems with freenas. first off, i have a dell dimension 3000 which was my dads which was thought to not boot.It was actually not plugged in right. Aside from that,when i first boot it up, i can do one of two things. If there is a cd in it, in this case the 080708 release of freenas on cd, it will boot of it. I can then configure settings like installing it on usb. i can access the webgui with the cd in the machine. but when i change settings and try applying them. the gui freezes. i look at the console menu on the monitor and input something it too is frozen. the nas to be is all in a different room. i adminster this the webgui in my room. When i try booting of usb. i have to manually select the usb drive at startup. When it stops booting up, it is just frozen. and I either have an ip of or with the webgui.i have a Newegg 1GB USB2.0 FOR READY BOOST Model L1GB-RBST - Retail flash drive. i basically think i have some wake on lan problems. Can anyone help me with this?
I have had no luck finding answers thus far .i am not sure what other forums i could go to so i am posting here next. I also have a raid card in transit which i was hoping to use with my 3 harddrives in my system and another dell in its box still. please help much would be appreciated.