I use OpenBSD 3.8 as gateway. It work just fine. Few days ago I decided to install OpenBSD 4.4 for same job. So, I plug new hard disk instead of previous one. Installation went fine. I wanted same configuration as on OpenBSD 3.8, so I copied pf.conf file to my new system. One of my ethernet card is set up to pick IP address from DHCP server, and other one has fixed IP address witch is used for LAN. Problem is: after execute ifconfig, it is unpredictable card status. One moment it is "active", and few second later it is "no carrier". Btw, "no carrier" is much more often.

I sad: Maybe my hardware become broken? But, if I put old hard disk (with OpenBSD 3.8 ) it still works fine.

Any idea?

P.S. My english is not quite perfect, but I hope you understood me.