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    MIssing iSCSI SPeed FreeNas

    [ Hoping this is in correct thread ]

    I am trying to figure out what I am missing. I have two simple linux (crux) boxes built the exact same, gig cards and all. One of them I boot with FreeNas and the other I boot Crux. I connect the two directly with a cat6 crossover cable. On the crux system I mount the FreeNas iSCSI drive.

    mtu set at 7168

    Running an iperv test results in a throughput of ~300megabits / second

    dd across network devzero to filesystem results in a throughput 66Megabits / second

    As can be seen, I am not nearly reaching my potential. I am looking for something to increase the speeds, but am not sure what I am missing.

    Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions to improve this?

    Could it be cpu (2.0ghz)?

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    I'm no expert, but i believe the the 300 Mb/s is the raw throughput, in other word, the speed to send raw data (protocol overhead, control packet, useful data, ...).

    Maybe the 66 Mb/s is only the useful data throughput, however the difference between the 300 Mb/s and 66Mb/s is quite enormous, did try ntop to analyse you traffic ?

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