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Thread: vista and BSD

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    vista and BSD

    has anyone had luck installing vista and bsd, same machine, different hard drives.
    i am a newbie so talk slow!

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    I've no experience with BSD, but he fundamentals should remain the same, GRUB2 should be installed to the MBR and it should point to the boot partition (or root partition). In BSD, install grub and -

    update-grub, if this's not there -

    grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    Then install the bootloader

    grub-install <The special device of BSD where you want to install the bootloader>

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    Good general advice from dE_logics. A tip: for Vista machines I like EasyBCD bootloader to manage dual-boots. It's easier to revert to a Vista-only scenario if you want to get rid of the Unix/Linux installs.

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    thanks for the tips, i guess i will try easy as i dont have the time or knowledge for the manual install.

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    Old thread and even older experience.

    I remember that when Vista was relatively new, I installed FreeBSD 6.1 on the same hard drive. Relatively often, Vista messed up the the bootloader and only FreeBSD was visible and I needed to repair this with a cryptic boot command in FreeDSD to be able to boot into Vista again.
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    Just install Vista first, then install FreeBSD or PC-BSD and it just works.

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    vista and BSD

    thanks all

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