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    NetBSD Gnome Help

    I recently figured out how to get pkgsrc working properly in NetBSD 5.1, after spending ages trying to getting it to work.
    This is what i did as root:
    1. export PKG_PATH=""

    2. pkg_add -v libgnome
    pkg_add -v gdm

    3. Reboot

    4. X -configure

    5. X -config ~/

    Steps 1-4 went fine and installed/configured properly but when i did step 5 the screen just went black, no mouse no desktop and i couldn't exit without shutting it down.

    If someone can help, that would be great, i have been reading the NetBSD manual, but i think iam missing packages or a few steps.

    Thanks SL6-A1000

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    At step 5, try ALT+CTRL+Backspace to see if you can recover from your black screen.

    i know the machine freezes in FreeBSD in the same conditions if HAL and DBUS are not installed and enabled at boot. It may also be that you maybe missing an xf86-input device such as the keyboard/mouse driver or even missing the correct xf86-video driver.

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