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    netbsd "gorilla" install

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to install netbsd onto a hard drive or, failing that, a usb stick without having to burn a cd?

    More specifically, my PC (i686 celeron) has both FreeBSD and my own custom Linux (similar to Linux From Scratch but with a lot of modifications). I've successfully cross-built the entire distribution under Linux (and must say is impressive) but don't have a single cd to burn, and since I'm a shut in the next time I can get to the store is going to be a while off.

    I was thinking something like laying out a netbsd chroot from within freebsd (don't know if it's possible, the docs are kind of slim on binary compat except as it relates to Linux) and then creating my netbsd disklabel and slices from within the chroot, using the native tools. Then manually extracting the installation sets and a kernel.

    So would this be possible? Is there an easier way possibly? My understanding is that the ufs implementation differs enough that creating the slices and disklabel from FreeBSD is not an option.

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    Would the following link help?

    Would have put the link in the post but I cant do that until I do 15 posts or more.

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    Thanks for the link.

    In reading over the script, it looks as if it is meant to be run from within a functional NetBSD installation (of which I have none yet) so it's still sort of a chicken and egg situation.

    What I have to work with is a functional FreeBSD-8.2 installation and a Linux installation. To do what I want to do I'd have to find a way to perform the following steps (I think):
    1) Create a NetBSD disklabel and ffs partitions.
    2) Mount the created partitions rw and untar the distribution sets I've built.
    3) Run "installboot" to get the boot loader onto the correct partition.

    So my question is possibly better worded as, is there a way to get steps 1 and 3 done from either Linux or FreeBSD (step 2 is easy)? Or should I just wait until I can get the physical media and burn an installation disk from the iso file that prepared?

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    While I've never played around with any of the BSDs, you might have some luck using Unetbootin.
    I've used it several times, and it works pretty well.

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    Ah, but down in the comments I just saw a link to some memstick images, which should be possible to dd onto a pendrive and get then do my "gorilla install" using my newly built binaries after booting NetBSD from the resulting pendrive. So you managed to provide me a solution anyway, in a roundabout way.

    And so I say THANKS!

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    Yeah, NetBSD does have memstick images but they are slightly hidden on their site from memory.

    Unetbootin (as mentioned) could be another option

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    my personal favourite is using virtualbox with the install iso of the new os and a raw-disk vmdk of the drive you want to install onto

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