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    Question A BSD VirtualBox Server on Win7 Host

    I've been googling for this for a while, but I couldn't find a real explanation about this idea.

    Basically, I have FreeBSD 9 with Lighttpd installed as a virtual machine. I want to set it up in a way that I can reach it from a browser within the Windows host.

    I don't know much about Windows in this positions (I have no experience on **nix OS'es in this case too). I can't switch to a Linux host because virtualbox messes up my kernel whenever I install it.

    Keeping it short, I need help on the idea explained in the second paragraph. I'd be thankful for any help.

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    The easiest way is to have adapter type set to Bridge on your virtual box VM in the NIC settings. If you are getting IP assigned automatically, then you will get an IP in the same subnet as your windows host. Then, just type in the IP of your VM in the web browser.

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    Thank you mizzle, for your answer. But that didn't work.
    Have done the VM setting, messed up the FreeBSD internet. It can't connect now. As I dont have a gui, I have to do it the csh way, but I have no experience with that kind of internet configuration. So, how can I bring internet back to my guest?

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    Yes, that is a way, but, I have installed it for the thing I'm trying to do in my first post. So if I can't do a server as I specified, it means nothing to have that wm, right?

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    Then you'll have to figure out how to manually adjust your FreeBSD network settings to fix whatever is broken. Are you at least getting an IP from DHCP, and are you in the same subnet as your host PC?

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    Why not install a Xen server? there are guides to setting up Xen in Linux or alternatively what about just installing FreeBSD on the machine directly? FreeBSD can be a great server...

    If your wondering Xen is a hypervisor on top of another kernel specifically Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and/or Solaris. Xen is basically an advance virtual machine like Virtualbox. The difference between them is that Xen provides better performance for the Guest has more features and can run a para-virtualized or a hardware-assisted virtualized. This means basically one allows for the guest to directly access the hardware while the latter is running the system in a fully virtualised environment.

    Not to sound like an advertisement, but your probably wondering why i am suggesting this, when it will take a bit of work to set up. Well 1. its designed for exactly what your trying to do, 2. the benefits after its set up will far out weigh the negatives and frustrations of setting it up.

    Xen allows for a web gui to monitor and access multiple OSs from the GUI. If you wanted to you could set up a powerful xen server and just run Xen clients from the server.

    I really do suggest looking into it.

    On the topic of your problem.

    From my experience with Virtualbox, its not FreeBSD that can't connect, its the communication between the host and the hypervisor (virtualbox). You need to adjust your settings in Windows for the Virtualbox Bridging settings. Adjusting the FreeBSD 9 internet settings will not fix the issue. As said its the communication between the host and guest. Not the guest itself...

    This article may help you:

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