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    Currently building xorg on freebsd on my older laptop. It's taking a while
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    thanks guys all have mixed answers but its solved.thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by akmonlinuxforums View Post
    Hi Guys

    please kindly let me know following things:
    1.Does it have GUI as powerful in it as Linux Mint 13 and can play vlc.
    2.can it support flash sites and games.
    3.Support for 3D games and 3d movies.
    4.does it support wine,can i run dreamweaver cs 3 or cs5 on wine.
    5. FREEBSD or PCBSD - are these good for netbean and Eclipse and LAMP development. just like in Win7. BSD a linux's OS or Something else i mean is it more closer to Unix i mean in security is it more powerful than ubuntu or fedora.

    These are few questions please let me have answers so that i can see it if i can get these things out of BSD OS's. so that i can install it because recently i am switching over and over again to Mint ,fedora ,mageia, mandriva , ubuntu (i think it crashes a lot when i install many other software)

    Thanks a lot.
    1. The GUI is all the same, they all use X-Org, but unless you run PC-BSD or OpenBSD its largely a self install and set up
    2. Yes, but only through the Linux emulation layer. (Its a high level emulation and runs at native speeds and on occasion faster than Linux)
    3. Only FreeBSD related project, but it is limited compared to Linux. However, work is being done to get NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD 3D acceleration.
    4. Yes, with a bit of work. It can run it more smoothly than Linux is some cases
    5. Yes, The *BSD are designed to be server OS's more so than desktops or workstations, though PC-BSD is trying to change that.
    6. BSD is not Linux as others have mentioned. BSD is a descendant of BSD UNIX and is directly related to the proprietary UNIX's known as SVR4 (System V Release 4). There is just alot of cross-pollination between Linux and the *BSDs

    Define what you mean by more powerful?
    It is just as secure as Linux, the big difference is users. So Linux is more likely to come under attack than the *BSDs simply because there is a larger user base.

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