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    Just a couple questions about FreeBSD

    I'm thinking about trying out FreeBSD as my daily driver(I'm only working with 76 gigs so having multiple OS's installed is inconvenient at best) but I have some questions about the OS.

    does it have multilib support. I know it has a linux compatibility layer but if I have a 32 bit game designed for linux would it play? (this was the deal breaker with openbsd

    I have a S**tload of books on linux for everything from hardening the system to System administration. is the architecture similar enough to where 90% of what is in the books will still be applicable or is working on BSD going to be like performing neurosugery with a degree in dentistry?

    what are some of the drawbacks of BSD that you experience as a User?

    any help would be appreciated

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    Just a couple questions about FreeBSD
    Have you read some of the threads at

    or Joined

    *BSD Forum

    I run BSD on one Dell T3400

    rokytnji has installed a BSD! The end of the world as we know it.
    Long story on drawbacks and other queries. Brain surgeon speak is required. I don't speak brain surgeon.

    6.3. Productivity

    When it comes to productivity, new users often look for an office suite or an easy-to-use word processor. While some desktop environments like KDE provide an office suite, there is no default productivity package. Several office suites and graphical word processors are available for FreeBSD, regardless of the installed window manager.

    This section demonstrates how to install the following popular productivity software and indicates if the application is resource-heavy, takes time to compile from ports, or has any major dependencies.
    Application Name Resources Needed Installation from Ports Major Dependencies
    Calligra light heavy KDE
    AbiWord light light Gtk+ or GNOME
    The Gimp light heavy Gtk+
    Apache OpenOffice heavy huge JDK™ and Mozilla
    LibreOffice somewhat heavy huge Gtk+, or KDE/ GNOME, or JDK™
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    See also DaemonForums - BSD forum

    Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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