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    Program starting on boot how to stop it

    Hi, im new using linux, i bought one used computer that was used as a POS and when i start it he starts soon with a program and doest go to the desktop.

    I wanted to uninstall this program to be able to install another but as I dont know how to access the desktop I can not do it.

    Can someone help me say how can i get out of that program that automatically boot so i can go to the desktop?

    Sorry for my english but im from Portugal. I dont know if i can explain my self so that you can understand my problem but if i dont please tell me so i can try to explain it better.

    Thank you

    Edit: I just realised that probably i put this thread in the wrong section, so please some administrator can exchange it to the right one. Thanks

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    You are probably better off installing an OS of your own choice. POS systems are often trimmed down and may take some time and skills to turn into regular desktop system.

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    My idea is to instal another POS software because the license of the one i bought is not in my name, so im trying to install a new software that is in my name.

    But is easier to format and install a new version of linux? (im saying linux because i dont want to buy one windows license) I dont need that my POS software start on the boot like this that came with the computer!

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    There are great many ways to autostart applications in Linux. Additionally, it also depends on Linux flavor and desktop environment. If you are not familiar with Linux systems I'd say get some local Linux guy to help you.
    Do you know what Linux distro it is using?
    Do you know what desktop environment (if any) is in use? Note, it can also be a WM (window manager) or the POS application can run on plain Xorg.

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    I dont know any off the answers to that questions.

    Im going to try to install a new operating system, if i cant im going to find someone that is familiar with Linux to do it!


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