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    how to checksum on file/folder

    hi all,

    how do you do a checksum of a file folder, i want to use sha512 as md5 is cracked

    file -

    sha512 path/to/file/file.tar

    folder -

    find -s path/to/folder -type f -exec sha512 {} \; | sha512

    many thanks,


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    is there a question?
    it seems you already posted the correct answer.

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    wow, wasnt expecting this, im getting all different checksum values

    i think i will extract the tar and cross reference it with the source directory ie do on both

    count number of files

    size of directory

    SHA512 (/vol/cha-work/_ARCHIVE/to_be_archived/audio/chad_r/2017-05-17/Even When I Fall - January 2017 Project.tar) = fa8a0c210f4616f27de9e66d5316bce62881baf794214ebecb f4a6fd576e09b274b278f0bef278315e12159083073975f02e 5f03aff18682e5273722287df799

    find -s /vol/cha-work/_ARCHIVE/to_be_archived/audio/chad_r/2017-05-17/Even\ When\ I\ Fall\ -\ January\ 2017\ Project/ -type f -exec sha512 {} \; | sha512
    9bc5b7f9b2dcf68fc5b113cd359282e34876ad796c43e5b167 01c9ff0cba3ba3b038af67db9f8a8dbadfa6d22ee3584f1c4a c840b710c5f422d7435f59c09c42

    tar -cf - Even\ When\ I\ Fall\ -\ January\ 2017\ Project/ | sha512
    ac81d3bc9dc843fd4c7d6e6bdbc477076437727044f291b5c1 62232efb8e8747c8b2d2bd82567e381ea235d158fba5d28e3c 5eab9a60a86acba6b452960bb7da
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