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  • FreeBSD

    45 62.50%
  • OpenBSD

    12 16.67%
  • NetBSD

    3 4.17%
  • Darwin/MacOS X

    2 2.78%
  • DragonFlyBSD

    1 1.39%
  • BSDi

    0 0%
  • FreeSBIE

    1 1.39%
  • ClosedBSD

    0 0%
  • PicoBSD

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  • Other (please post)

    8 11.11%
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Thread: Which *BSD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sether
    Yes, DragonFlyBSD does indeed look interesting. Just don't expect the maturity level of the 3 major BSDs (Free, Open, Net) from it - DragonFly is still in heavy development, even though they're at version 1.0 now.

    Have fun.

    Thanks, I'll definately keep that in mind, when I get a bsd machine scrounged together I'll probably dual it with free bsd, to have a more stable platform alongside,

    can't wait to give her a go!
    Operating System: GNU Emacs

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordnothing
    because ports aggravated me and i don't like cvsup. mainly because i don't like cvsup.
    Just out of curiousity, what problems did you have with cvsup.?

    I realize emerge --sync is a lot easier than all the stuff you have to do to get cvsup working initially, but once everything is setup with cvsup (editing ports-supfile and the initial portsdb) it's essentially as easy as the Portage method. Plus you're running software ported specifically to FreeBSD that works (almost) all the time and is supported.

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    oh, and did i mention i'm a lazy f***er that likes a challenge?
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

  4. $spacer_open
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordnothing
    oh, and did i mention i'm a lazy f***er that likes a challenge?
    Ah I see.

    I read in a book somewhere an alternative to cvsup, but I don't remember what it was and whether or not it was really worth it. I think it had something to do with not having a lot of bandwidth, but I don't know. I'll get back to you on that.

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    Red face Desktop-BSD

    But I can't get my blamed printer to work. See this post:

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    Banned jan1024188's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    I've got PC-BSD
    its pretty cool but i dont use it....

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    I've also got PC-BSD, it looks awesome. I'm going to install it later today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jan1024188
    I've got PC-BSD
    its pretty cool but i dont use it....
    I also use PC-BSD prior to that my only experience of BSD was FreeBSD 5.4. My main requirement is for a desktop OS, PC-BSD seems to be best suited to that.

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    I read in a book somewhere an alternative to cvsup
    Portsnap maybe?

    Personally, I like cvsup fine.

    I've been using FreeBSD (6.0-RELEASE, 6.1-RELEASE) as my primary workstations for over a year - very happy with it.

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    I'm running NetBSD on my downstairs PC (the secondary machine) and I'm going to switch the FreeBSD machine at work to NetBSD when I get to it.

    I like NetBSD over FreeBSD for several reasons:
    • NetBSD's thrust is toward equally excellent execution on all platforms,
    • The name pkgsrc is much more logical than ports (ports are platforms),
    • I just don't like having a devil for a mascot and symbol, no matter how cute,
    • Functionality seems to be similar to FreeBSD, so there is no downside that I can see.

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