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    Clam AV is on the file server, the OS may be less prone but the server clients need the help.

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    I don't think you really need virus protection for UNIX... unless you're running a really expensive server... it's the same for Linux, but since I'm not running a server of any sort, I don't bother at all with AV protection for my Linux system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    Look, folks, I hate to rain on the "most secore OS EV4R!" parade here, but there's nothing wrong with being security-conscious. You're not going to convince me that any OS is impenetrable, and that includes (*gasp*) all the BSD variants.

    Although I agree that the need for antivirus is significantly less for non-Microsoft operating systems, I'm not so lost in the zealotry as to believe that my system (or any other system) is completely secure. Back off and let the fellow install antivirus if he wants to. I recommend a good firewall as well, if you don't have one already.
    Only a firewall if he's on high speed. If he's on dial-up it's gonna reduce the speed to like -1000 kbps...
    But I'm more-or less assuming he's on high speed.

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    And if he's really really good with UNIX he should probably just get OpenBSD.

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    Oh it'll be a day for BSD and Linux users when they get hit by a virus unexpectedly! Most of you desktop users won't have a virus scanner installed and BOOM. The more people that move to the *nix varients the more chance there is of a virus being written. The reason you see viruses floating around on Windows is because 90% of computers or more use it. Its no fun writting a virus for a small population of computer users.

    What I'm trying to say is, install clamav or whatever virus scanner you want and use it, regardless if you use BSD or Linux. Better safe than sorry.

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    ClamAV is well on my pc
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    Again, you don't really need AV for BSD on a desktop. That takes away the point of using *nix,'cause one of the points is is that you don't need to waste time and money on AV

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    Do youre homework

    I realize this is a very old thread, but i still had to register to comment on this. I cant believe what i'm reading here. And i'm wondering how many of the posters here very well may be running infected *nix machines. I've seen irc bots, worms etc, coded for unix machines, they may not be as popular as thier windoes counterparts, and i always thought you would be more at risk trying to infect a *nix machine, as the person running the box would be more likely to know what was going on in his/her system, and would probably be more likely to report the activity.... i see now that i was wrong. As some here have said, any os is infectable, and to an experienced hacker, even the firmware on some of a systems devices can be infected if a person knows enough about the hardware, and assembly language.
    Every book ive read on unix and linux, has a section on securing the os, finding things that an intuder has hidden on your system etc...
    Its true that these are much less common than windows, but it doesnt take 1000's of trojans in the wild to infect your boxes, your chances of getting infected are still good. I'm sure some will disagree with me, if anyone even comes back to this thread. But for future visitors to this site, who wonder about this myth that unix, (BSDs, linux, and mac osX now included) can't be infected... its just that a MYTH. Although, due to many arrests, its become a little harder to come by newer trojans, worms, etc... Im sure a google search would still bring you results on sources of programs for infecting unix machines.
    I wont look that up for anyone, but heres at least a little info on the subject:

    Lets not perpetuate this immunity myth, lets not let the ever increasing *nix community fall into the same situation that the majority of windows users were in, until the media (and finally microsoft) let them know they needed protection.

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    i am a system administrator major and one of the programs at my college is a malware and virus programming course. this course is intended to show us that any system is vulnerable, in fact one of the systems that you are supposed to infect by the end of the course is freebsd. this class room is completely separate from the school network with no internet access. several years ago someone brought a pen drive in to the network and took out some nasty malware and infected the student populace. many unix type systems were effected by this attack. this is proof that even an obscure system is vulnerable and NEEDS to be protected. im sure that google and yahoo which used to (if they dont still) run on freebsd had antiviruses and firewalls implemented.

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