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    Even say linux ain't an entire OS, just the kernel:
    The kernel, at the heart of all Linux systems, is developed and released under the GNU General Public License and its source code is freely available to everyone. It is this kernel that forms the base around which a Linux operating system is developed.
    Try installing ONLY the linux-kernel to an empty partition and try to boot it... Se what you can do. OS = operative system, that means you have to be able to use it, not just have it installed without beeing able to boot.

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    OS is operating SYSTEM. which is an ENVIRONMENT in which applications can work. OS itself is contain of several things, its core (kernel) which handle the communication betw hardwares and applications, filesystem archicture, and skel apps to access (write,read,exec) applications in that OS.

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    debian is no OS, GNU/Linux is. you can argue all you want but debian is not an OS simply because all debian is is an preconfigured package that includes the OS and some neato little programs. if debian was an OS, we would be calling it an OS, but we dont, we call it a distro because that is what it is. all the OS does is provide the base layer between the hardware and software(basicly where aplications do not need to provide any sort of hardware drivers or the like of there own). that specific part is caled the kernel. the other job of the OS is to provide a compatibility layer between the user and the computer. that is taken care of by the shell. the last job of the OS is to provide the basic utilities neccissary to manage the OS and aplications. this is what most of those little programs in /bin are for. since GNU/linux is a complex OS the files in /etc are part of the OS because they provide the configuration of the OS. linux is only the kernel. it only provides part of the job of the OS. debian is a colection of the OS and aplications.
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    Who cares whether or not the kernel itself is an operating system or a Metadistribution like Debian GNU/Linux is?! It's not on-topic. Start a new thread if you want to argue about that.

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