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    FreeBSD 6.0-BETA1 released

    The first beta snapshot of the 6.0 release was uploaded to the FreeBSD FTP servers today, marking the beginning of the 6.0 release cycle. It's still buggy, as 6.x remains -CURRENT, but I encourage anyone interested to help the FreeBSD project test it for bugs. Here is a partial list of bugs and "todo" items for FreeBSD 6.0. And here is the full release announcement.

    I'm excited about the 6.x branch of FreeBSD, as it's supposed to "polish and improve" the 5.x branch. Until I can get a hold of a spare computer, I'm going to continue to run 5-STABLE, but look forward to this future branch of FreeBSD.

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    Linux Guru techieMoe's Avatar
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    I too look forward to trying out 6.0. I'm meek though so I'm going to wait for the first RELEASE version.
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    Well, I'm still struggling with 5.4......I'm still trying to get my printer to work with it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkman4547
    Well, I'm still struggling with 5.4......I'm still trying to get my printer to work with it...
    FreeBSD Handbook - Chapter 9: Printing

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    I must be doing something wrong, Sether. I gave up trying that for a while.

    For some reason, I got my printer to work with Gentoo in no time flat.

    FreeBSD ?......well......

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    is it a usb printer?

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    Yes. I have two USB printers.

    At the moment, I'm having fun with my Gentoo box .... I haven't used FreeBSD in a while ...

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    Seems to have broken my asterisk / zaptel install.

    Kernel panic while trying to run ztcfg.

    Going to stick with 5-STABLE for now.

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    I installed it on my laptop last night, and the installer and booting up worked perfectly. I didn't do much else though, I plan on reinstalling tonight.

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    Will be upgrading my installation when I get home tonight.
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