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    Q : How To Install FreeBSD with Linux ?

    Hello !

    I need Help ..
    How To Install FreeBSD with Linux ?


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    Basically, wipe your hard disk, install freebsd onto, for example, 50% of the hard drive, finish that, then install linux onto the rest of the drive. If you need me to go in depth then just ask.

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    Yeah, you don't need linux to install freebsd.

    Although you could mean, install freebsd and linux on the same disk, in which case, install freebsd, and linux, then edit the bootloader to show both of the choices.

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    ummm... I think what i did is i put an extra drive in. Unplugged my first one and installed bsd on the hard drive. Then i pluggred in the other drive. then plugged back in the linux hard drive, ran the suse installer/rescue from the installation disc and rebuilt the boot loader. hth

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    SUSE doesn't like BSD. At least it didn't on my computer. You see, it would install itself, but it didn't recognize the FreeBSD partition and wouldn't let me continue with the installation unless I wiped the BSD partition. So what I did was I installed Windows, then Linux, then FreeBSD, and it all worked out because the FreeBSD boot loader would boot to SUSE.
    So just an idea. I don't think that Linux really likes BSD partitions because I've tried the same thing with OpenBSD and it didn't work either. In other words I have never had any success installing Linux after BSD.
    Also, I don't like the FreeBSD boot loader, It's hard to configure. I recommend that you install GRUB when you are finished if you need to edit the timeout, default OS, etc.

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    Same here Chopin..... only in my case Suse didn't wipe out my FreeBSD, it ignores it and won't give me the boot option.

    I've been reading and searching how to add FreeBSD boot option into luck so far.

    And I'm afraid to experiment...

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    Well, I just did the experiment......

    I put the FreeBSD boot cd in and reboot the computer. The harddrive contains both OS.
    When it got to the point that BSD ask if I want to install a boot loader so it can give me a choice which one to boot , I hold my breath and select it....

    It went on with the installation....ended with an error and the installtion was aborted....upon reboot, it did
    gave me a choice to dual boot......yippee ! ! !

    ....back again, it seems that I celebrated too soon.

    Although BSD gave me a choice which one to boot, choosing Linux didn't produce anything except a beep from my computer box......back to the drawing board...

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    I dual booted freebsd and gentoo some while ago, I installed freebsd first, then gentoo, then found a guide on the internet to setup grub for freebsd, then rebooted and... BANG!

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    Hi Jaboua, I've found how to dual boot FreeBSD with Linux. It's in the handbook all this time, I just missed it.

    I'll have to get Suse back and edit grub to include BSD option. As every post I read said, FreeBSD boot manager isn't very good at this....

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkman4547
    I'll have to get Suse back and edit grub to include BSD option. As every post I read said, FreeBSD boot manager isn't very good at this....
    It works, but it is rather basic... iirc just "want to boot partition 1, 2, 3 or 4?"

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