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    ruined loader.conf

    i added the line "kldload snd_driver" to the /boot/defaults/loader.conf

    after that my system doens boot ...

    it prints 2 strangs lines with stuff like .. data = ... text ...

    what shall i do ...

    i dont want to reinstall it ... i have a lot of stuff to worry about

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    Try rebooting into a freesbie livecd if you have that, if not you can use the freebsd install cd rescue mode, and mount the root partition (on a one-disk, one-slice ide system, this is /dev/ad0s1a) somewhere. Then you change the loader.conf again, removing the kldload snd_driver statement. Istead, check here what to enter:

    Maybe you can try something like this:

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    i got the freesbie ...
    i executed some scripts to mount the FS in Read / Write mode ... but there was some kind of error "invalid fdisk partitiion ... "

    so now i will try the second solution ...

  4. $spacer_open
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    nothing works

    well nothing works ...
    evrytime i mount ... it tells me " permission denied .."

    i dont beleieve i will reinstall

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    How did you mount it? Did you umount it first in that case?

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    yeah ... everything failed .. due to errors in the partition table

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    Boot into single-user mode. You can do this by pressing 4 when you are given the boot options. Press enter when asked which shell to use. This will give you sh, the default. Then fsck your partitions with
    # fsck -p
    Then mount your root partition with
    # mount -u /
    Though it's not necessary, you might want to mount all other UFS2 partitions with
    # mount -a -t ufs
    Turn on swapping (not necessary either, but you might as well) with
    # swapon -a
    Now, you must edit /boot/loader.conf. Put this in:
    Now reboot and all should be fixed.

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