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    i install free bsd 4.5 but i have problem
    in Gnome my mouse dose not work good and only work in right hand my monitor and my key board can write in gnome but it work in console and terminal

    when i buy freebsd they give my 4 cd
    freebsd boot cd
    freebsd cd1
    freebsd cd2
    and freebsd port cd

    what is port cd how i can use it

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    the mouse problem sounds like a problem with xorg...

    ports, the port cd contains the ports tree...its like a package management system for bsd, freebsd may be a little bit different; however, I bet its pretty similar to openBSD, which I use. What we do with ports is untar it to the /usr directory which creates /usr/, if I cd to /usr/ports I can search the entire package management, ports system with for example "make search key="firefox". When I find that firefox is in www/mozilla-firefox, all I do is "cd /usr/ports/www/mozilla-firefox && make install" This downloads firefox source, all of its dependancies, and compiles them from source...

    Now, this is just an example of how ports works in OpenBSD, I'm sure there are probably things specific to freebsd, just browse their site and look for a ports howto...which should explain everything...its actually a pretty simple system to use...

    For your mouse and keyboard, it seems that your x config file, xorg.conf or XFree86Config-4, may be a little off, I can't help you much there in FreeBSD; however there is a FreeBSD live cd, FriesBie or something like that, which does have excellent hardware detection, you could launch that and copy its config file to your freebsd install...this last part is just an idea though...
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