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    funny thing is that FreeBSD claims that they are much more stabler than Linux, but I find that it doesn't happen on my machines. Today I already ran into at least 2 kernel panics on my laptop (with NO funny hardware as this laptop is a piece of junk from year 2000). Also, I had a several kernel panics when I ran my desktop with the specifications on my signature and still I run into kernel panics.

    On Linux, I have NEVER ran into kernel panics unless it was a hardware failure or I accidentally deleted a kernel module without registering it.


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    I know how you feel, my machine running freebsd froze then self-rebooted when I tried to access my ntfs partition.

    But that's the only problem I have had. I still prefer my Gentoo system though. Maybe we both need some time do get to know each other properly... Some quality time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by junkman4547
    But out of the box prior to any tweaking, FreeBSD compiles a whole lot faster than Gentoo, at least on my PC. I say you should give it a test drive.
    That was one of my first reactions too.

    I've only gotten a kernel panic on freebsd when IIRC removing pseudofs from the kernel - a dependency of devfs... Freebsd works better in many areas on my box (2001 HP pavilion). For example it can perform a soft reboot without something weird happening that causes the BIOS to disable the audio card... It's been a while since I used freebsd though, so I don't know of the current version.

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    I haven't used FreeBSd in a while also Jaboua. Never could get my mouse scroll wheel to work no matter what I do. I read the Handbook from cover to cover, follow everything it says to no avail .... I simply gave up and live without a scrollwheel function. I primarily use Sarge as my daily OS now. Maybe I'll update my current FreeBSd to the latest version and hopefully my mouse scrollwheel will work by default ....

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    the scrolll wheel is a fuction of X, you'll have to look at that documentation.
    If i had access to my workstation i would give you the lines, but my laptop doesnt have *nix yet. ask the X forum about it, they'll know what lines get your scroll wheel working.

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