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    help me in modifying the resource configuration file in Free BSD

    Iam doing a project in Free BSD and i am stuck with a puzzle. Please any one of you clarify my doubt :

    How to add a mechanism to check the status of the file system which alerts the root user via. email if any single partition is greater than 90% full. The alert should include the file system directory name and the partition?

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    I'm not sure but it really does seem as if you are trying to get us to do your homework for you...

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    Hey i didnt really mean that. Its just the part of my project work on Free BSD.

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    I'm not an awk wizard, so I used the awk part from the former thread of yours:
    while `true`; do
            if [ `df |sed '1d'|awk '{if ($5 > 90) print $5,$6}'|wc -l` > 0 ]; then
                    echo filled up
            sleep 86400
    I haven't tested it on freebsd, but you can. Replace "echo filled up" with some command to mail root. "sleep 86400" edits how long it takes (in seconds) before it re-checks how filled up the filesystems are, in the script it's set to 86400 seconds = 24 hours.

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