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    Red face read write access to harddrive

    I am running Freesbie (BSD live cd), and I am hoping and praying that someone can help me find out how to obtain read and write access to my harddrive when booted up into Freesbie.

    thanx much,


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    IIRC it's mounted rw by default, but what FS is it? AFAIK freesbie/freebsd won't write NTFS...

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    I have read your posting and I don't know exactly what you mean, but I am trying to write to ntfs (win xp).

    How do I "kick him"?

    ~ Exposure

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    When he says it's mounted by default, if you do something like

    ls /mnt

    You'll see things like /mnt/ntfs.1 /mnt/ntfs.2 and the like. (It might be slightly different, I'm going by memory).

    That will have the contents of the drive and you should be able to read most, if not all of it. I don't know about writing to it however. In my case, I frequently use FreesBie when a user has totally wrecked their machine and I have to copy their data before doing a reinstall, so I've only tried reading the hard drive, not writing to it.

    At any rate, if you list the contents of the /mnt/ntfs.1, ntfs.2 and the like, you'll see the data that is already on the drive.


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