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    Dial Up Troubles

    I'm working on installing FreeBSD 6.0 on an 10 year old notebook for a friend of mine and I'm having trouble getting the dial up connection to work. For one thing, the modem doesn't show up the way it should in dmesg:

    sio1: configured irq 3 not in bitmap of probed irqs 0
    sio1: port may not be enabled

    If you try to connect (In this case, manually) to a service provider you get this:

    # ppp
    Working in interactive mode
    Using interface: tun0
    ppp ON fox> set device /dev/cuaa1
    ppp ON fox> set speed 115200
    ppp ON fox> enable dns
    ppp ON fox> term
    Warning: deflink: /dev/cuaa1: Bad file descriptor
    Failed to open /dev/cuaa1
    ppp ON fox>

    I've tried a few other things as well, like changing the speed to 38400, using the "set parity even" option, and trying other device names. I don't know who manufactured the modem or what its features are, since Hitachi no longer has customer support for notebooks.

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    What modem are you using, look in the hardware notes in the handbook to see if it is supported, that could be the problem

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