I've posted this on PC-BSD's forum, but they're not as active as we are here, so I'm putting this question to linuxforms too:

I'd like to be able to print from my laptop (running PC-BSD) to a printer connected to my desktop (running Debian GNU/Linux, with the printer shared through SAMBA). I went into the KDE printer setup, noticed that the option to add a printer was grayed out, so I changed the print system from LPD to CUPS. A message said "Initializing manager..." for a few seconds, then an error dialog came up saying "Connection to CUPS server failed."

I checked that CUPS is enabled in the System Configuration and /etc/rc.conf, and 'ps -A | grep cups' returns positive for cupsd. The cupsd.conf is the default that comes with PC-BSD 1.1.

I've also tried using the Web configuration tool at localhost:631 or, but that address gives me the "Unable to connect" message in Firefox and "Could not connect" in Konqueror. Meantime, KDE's printer setup won't let me add a printer as long as it can't connect to the CUPS server.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?