checking for libpng12-config... no
checking for libpng-config... no
checking png.h usability... yes
checking png.h presence... yes
checking for png.h... yes
checking for png_create_read_struct in -lpng... no
configure: WARNING: libpng is requred - see
** Configuration summary for gd 2.0.33:

Support for PNG library: no
Support for JPEG library: yes
Support for Freetype 2.x library: yes
Support for Fontconfig library: no
Support for Xpm library: no
Support for pthreads: yes

I have installed libpng*.tbz but gd ./configure don't see this package. I tried to install gd*.tbz and it ended successful but after recompile apache and php (--with-gd) it isn't installed - I display phpinfo() and gd isn't there....
Someone have similar problem?