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    X Server Error No Screens Found

    I managed a successful installation of FreeBSD 6.1 Release. But I cannot get the XServer working. Unfortunately I cannot post the xorg.conf because I could not find a way to mount UNIX native partition on Gentoo and vice-versa. But I can explain some of the things here:

    1. Firstly I went for a "full install".
    2. As mentioned in the handbook I did
    3. I passed all the options the same as I did for gentoo, and gentoo is working fine. (all fine).
    4. Then I started the Xserver by issuing
    5. After this I got this error: (/var/log/Xorg.0.log)
    (EE) No Screens found

    What do I do? Thanks for any help in advance.
    "There is no sixth rule"
    --Rob Pike
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    Run xorgcfg,

    I have better luck than with xorgconfig

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    No both do roughly the same thing. I tried xorgconfigure again and this time I managed to get X working and gnome2 and KDE are up!!! Trying to download WindowMaker now.

    How I got it working?
    I had been trying with the mouse as /dev/psm0
    This time I tried /dev/sysmouse

    Lesson learnt: LINUX and UNIX don't run exactly the same way
    "There is no sixth rule"
    --Rob Pike
    Registered Linux User: 400426 home page

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    X Server

    I have tryed fixing this for donkeys, now.

    This is taking the biscuit, I need it urgently, so im going to have to forget about linux and move on and install windows server if i cant fix it soon.

    X Server.

    I dont know, Only says X Server all these things i've tryed don't work (Things that are on this forum I'm really really angry now.

    I hope you can help

    Thanks In Advance.

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