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    Small Networking Issue

    I have set a FreeBSD server up on our work network with apache, samba, qmail etc etc and everything works fine. The router which it directs to for the network is 192,168.0.1. Which I have setup in the rc.conf.

    Now I want to take it home and connect it to a single windows XP PC, so I can do some development at home.

    Problem is the XP PC won't find it.

    Do I need to set the FreeBSD server up as a router, gateway or DHCP or all of the above?

    Cheers Downtown

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    Linux Guru anomie's Avatar
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    Just so I'm understanding: You took a server from your workplace and brought it to your house..? And you are just trying to get it set up on the same network as your home PC?

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I made it confusing for the readers.

    In short I just want to setup a network with the bsd server which I have brought home from work and one XP PC.

    I am not sure what the network configs should be as I don't have a separate router at home.

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    Lots of ways you could set this up. First, you might like to read up on private networks here:

    Second, do you have a hub or switch + CAT5/6 cables? If so, you can set up both machines on the same private network. Example: BSD box; XP box

    Then there are software considerations. Presumably you have only one modem and internet connection. You might run squid on the BSD box for the XP box to use.

    Or... save yourself a lot of hassle and buy a hardware router/NAT device.

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    Cheers Anomie.

    I thought I didn't need a switch for a 1 client 1 server network but I do.

    All working now

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