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I see what you mean. I ran a search for ENL832-TX on google product search and got a long list for that card (but with various different suffixes). I suspect any of those ENL832-TX cards will work. But if you don't want to take the risk, you might try the FBSD hardware mailing list:
freebsd-hardware Info Page

Be sure to read about the mailing lists here if you haven't used them before:
Resources on the Internet

I don't know when 6.3 will be released. If you are interested in tracking the -STABLE branch (I don't recommend doing that just to get a currently unsupported NIC to work), there is info on doing that here:
haahaha, situation is under control now. I just bought a 3Com 3c905c-TX and it's working perfectly. I'm on my FreeBSD 6.2 now, just configured my Xorg and choose windowmaker.

Thanks Anomie and nalg0rath

one more desktop user on the community ;p