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    About chipset on graphic card having driver for amd64

    Hi folks,

    OpenBSD 4.0
    CPU - AMD Athlon 64x2 3800
    PCI-E 16 Graphic card - ASUS 7300GS 256MB
    LCD display - Philips 20" Brilliance 200WP7, 1680x1050 resolution.

    I have been sufferring in short of nVidia amd64 driver since running FreeBSD and now OpenBSD. I'm not alone. Pls refers to following thread;

    FreeBSD-amd64 driver ? - nV News Forums

    The solution seems sine die.

    I have ASUS PCI-E graphic card on this PC which runs nVidia GeForce chipset. I can now only run "1280x1024" resolution with Vesa driver.

    I'm going to get another PCI-E 16 graphic card. Please advise which chipset can support *BSD amd64. TIA


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    I struggled with that as well when I tried amd64 build of FreeBSD. The default install of everything gives you version 6.9 of Xorg, but the nv driver of that version of X doesn't work with my video card.

    Cool thing is that the 7.2 version of Xorg is in the ports tree, and the nv driver for that version does work with my card.

    Does nv work for you or not?

    Anyway the nvidia driver for amd64 is still in the works. But until then the best solution is just to use the i386 version of FreeBSD, the nvidia driver is in the ports tree and can be easily installed.

    I don't think that nvidia made drivers for OpenBSD.

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    Hi mahlerfan,

    Does nv work for you or not?
    Vesa works here with max resolution 1280x1024. My Philips LCD display can work on 1680x1050. Therefore I'm looking for another PCI-E 16 vedio card with other chipsets which have driver to work on amd64 *BSD.

    I don't think that nvidia made drivers for OpenBSD.
    I read those threads about nvidia driver for OpenBSD amd64. It is the problem of the developers lacking some functions on OpenBSD w/o which nvidia can't build a driver for users such as us.

    nvidia driver for Solaris 86_64 is available. Solaris is also Unix


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