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    Unwelcome E-mail

    I was surprised when I began to receive e-mails from Linux Forums, because I had no memory of ever even visiting this forum, much less requesting any messages from it. That's understandable. The last time I visited here was in November.

    I don't recall what prompted me to sign up back in November, but whatever it was, I apparently did not find any compelling reason to return here. I went my merry way and forgot all about Linux Forums - but they did not forget about me, apparently.

    I cannot say, now, that I absolutely did not request e-mails from here. Although I am fairly cautious about who I give my e-mail address to, and highly reluctant to accept yet more messages from anywhere, it could be that during a moment of wild intoxication or dain bramage that I somehow did ask to receive e-mails. So be it...

    I found that getting myself removed from the mailing list was not a simple procedure, as it should have been. I actually ignored the previous newsletter, thinking that perhaps they'd be rare occurrences. Once every ten months or so isn't too often. Alas, my optimism was foolishly naive.

    In order to get off the mailing list, I had to log in; however, since I hadn't so much as thought of this place in nearly a year, I didn't know my user name or password. So I had to request my user name, then ask to have my password reset, then log in, all to get my name off a list I'm not convinced I even asked to be on...

    In my opinion, there should have been a simple link in the newsletter that would automatically, and without any fanfare, cause my e-mail address to be removed from this mailing list with no further effort from me.

    I realize that Linux Forums isn't trying to sell me male enhancement pills, or get millions of dollars out of a war-torn country into my bank account. I'm sure they're all good folks who love Linux and want to help people try and thrive on Linux. But why make it so difficult to get out of here? Come on, folks, we're computer-oriented people. We can automate these things...

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    See this post, it is a problem that should be taken care of now
    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Yeah, I'll lock this thread since we already have a thread about this subject.

    Thanks for the feedback, baruch.

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