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    RE: What is Area 51?

    ozar, I have no idea why you'd close the thread I started. I wasn't trying to cause a problem, but if that's the way things are run here, I don't need this place. Tell whoever is in charge of such things that a search shouldn't bring up threads that are in Area 51 for the "normal" users.

    "I almost locked this, since it's borderline Ubuntu trolling and the guy presents his biased opinion as "real hard fact." I even wrote out a point for point dissection and then decided to delete it. It's still viewable to anyone who wants some Techiemoe "Rant"ertainment..."

    Consider that I only got that through use of the site's search function, and stop being afraid someone's going to start some huge argument or something.
    Later on Linux Forums...

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    Sorry, but we don't close threads only when users think they should be closed. We close most all of the threads that are posted in the comments/feedback/suggestions forums once they've been answered.

    You were told what Area 51 is and why you couldn't see the thread you referred to. There's really nothing else to discuss about it. You can send Core Wizard any forum feedback you wish using the Contact Us link in the lower-left corner of most of the forums pages. He also sees threads in this section of the forums, so perhaps he will address your concern regarding what shows up in the forum searches.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Thread closed...

    Update Edit: Core Wizard has advised that the search box bug has been fixed and Area 51 posts no longer show up there.
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