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    A suggestion...

    Hi! I have enjoyed reading your site in preparation for my plunge..I was wondering if you - or someone - could put together a webpage with a chart showing the advantages/disadvantages of the various distros? I apologize if you already have this - there is so much detail it is easy to miss something major. I was thinking you should have the following categories: minimum/preferred cpu requirements, i.e. '386, '486, P1, P4, etc; min/preferred hard drive required for OS; size of common Office Suite application; ease of installation - scale of 1 to 10; availability of apps. - scale of 1 to 10; etc...maybe others, but I am not yet so familiar with this OS.

    Just a thought


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    I think can be helpfull .

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    It would be nice if the world of the penguin could be categorized like that. But it's not so simple. Most versions, at their core, are similar in terms of requirments. But those requirements change depending on what software you're running. They change depending on what desktop or window manager you're running. On my setup Mandrake 10 with Gnome 2.4 is a bit stodgy, but using XFCE4 as the desktop manager it flies along. That's the beauty and flexibility of linux.

    You'd be best posting your specs and requirements in the appropriate forum here and I'm sure someone will give you a good recommendation that's suit your needs.
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    definetly, if you want a more personal experiacn, i hear that linux user groups are a great place to pick up linux gossip, and the gurus there are surely well versed enough to help you make a choice. but i would recommend distrowatch, its basicaly what you asked for. And if your still consfused or are undecided between 2 distros, post, people love to help.
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