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Thread: just a thought

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    just a thought

    what about adding to the site something like a guestbook where all people that have joined here will have the opportunity to write their impression's about the site?also guests could do such a thing without joining if they don't want to....
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    I think thats a pretty good idea. Some times I just browse forums (not this one of course ) looking for a specific answer. If I have found the forum helpful it would be nice to let the people know this but I don't always want to sign up just so I can post one message.

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    signing up is just enough of a hasstle to prevent spam like actions while nothing too much to actualy make posting difficult. And to my understanding the forum alows guest posting anyways.
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    I thought about this overnight before posting, personally i dont like the idea for a number of reasons:

    1) Its another section that will need to be moderated, which means more time
    2) I can gaurentee 100% people will use it to ask linux type questions, even if we put in big red letters "NOT FOR LINUX QUESTIONS"
    3) There is the time it will take me to write the code for it
    4) I dont see any real benifit that can be gained from having such a feature

    Thanks for the suggestion all the same


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