Just a post to let you all know that I've put mod re-write onto the server and site to help the search engines spider linuxforums.org better, in addition to making a few SEO related changes to the pages as well.

From a user standpoint this shouldnt really effect you at all, you may notice a change in the format of URL's in your brower navigation bar when browsing the site (old URL's will continue to work), but that should be about it.

Should anything stop working, please let me know.

Finally I would like to make a small request that when posting a new topic use an appropriate title as this really does help get more visitors to the site if/when the page is indexed. Also it helps the viewers of the forum when they are searching for a solution to a similar problem, and also helps people reading the forum listing find threads that are related to what they are looking for. By appropriate title I mean instead of a title of "please help" or "i need help" etc, use something like "redhat cannot find SATA hard disk" or something that describes the problem a bit more. Though dont stress over this too much