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    questions about the daily news email i keep getting

    - is it legitimate? the actual sender is something called :

    which ive never heard of.
    and has this address in the email

    MAS Media

    2711 Centreville Road
    Suite 400
    Wilmington, DE

    - is it safe to unsubscribe to the newsletter? given that the unsubscribe link takes me to somewhere called -

    - why have i only just started getting daily news? ive never had it before this last few days.
    i never subscribed to any newsletters in the past. and certainly havent subscribed to any recently because i havent even been on this site for months.

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    I agree. I've gotten a few "eNews" mailings in the past, but now it's becoming intrusive.

    Does anyone know why there has been such a recent flurry?

    The "unsubscribe" page linked in the email is not informative ... cheers, drl
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    Hi, spongefinger

    Just wanted to let you know that I've posted about your question in the administrator's forum, so hopefully someone that knows the details about this will respond soon.

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    thanks for that ozar.

    its probably me just being paranoid, but i do have fears that clicking unsubscribe is going to give the go ahead to a spam bot to start mailing my address with phallic enlargement and cheap watch adverts. lol

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    It is legit to unsubscribe, it's definitely not spam (eg. you won't get spammed more if you unsubscribe... you'll be removed).

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    ok, thankyou Matthew.

    any reason as to why ive suddenly started getting them recently when ive never received them before?

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    I believe they just started. I'll try to get some clarification and get back to you.

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